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How will I be kept informed of my parent's progress?

Each caregiver keeps explicit notes on each shift pertaining to patient's mood, detailing
events of the day, assessing the activities of daily living which is extremely important when the shift changes. Comments are made expressing new concerns or complaints. The family member can be kept informed by telephone or reports can be generated to the family and the patient's doctors.

Do caregivers use their own vehicles?

Each aide can use their own vehicle. In some situations, the client may prefer that their vehicle be used instead.

What happens in the event the caregiver is late for her shift or is unable to work that day due to an emergency?

We guarantee that our caregivers arrive promptly. The client is never left without coverage. In the event of an emergency, we will always have a substitute professional aide available at all times.

What happens in the event my parent does not get along well with a caregiver?

We stride to ensure that we have selected an aide that would work well with an individual. We make every effort to choose the person that we believe will be the best to provide careto your parent.

Will the caregiver accompany my parent while being examined by the physician?

This is a matter of choice, but is highly recommended. First, elderly patients often get anxious when seeing their doctor. They may have difficulty processing what the doctor istelling them. This also gives an opportunity to provide the doctor with observations that are made by the aides when the family gives permission to do so.

My parent has a vacation home or expressed a desire to travel.

We will make every effort to accommodate clients and accompany them so that they can have an enjoyable experience.


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