In the previous generation, children often lived close to their parents and could watch over
them. Today our parents are living longer and their children are often living too far away
to manage their parents' care or are unable to take charge because of their own careers.
Arlene is sensitive the guilt and frustration of children in this situation and knows that you
are not alone and is there on your behalf. The children are known as the Sandwich
Generation. Here are some of their stories:

Whether it is caring for loved ones that are terminally ill

This letter is to serve as a formal thank you and a letter of recommendation for your use /in the future. I want to thank you profusely for the two years of round the clock care that you and your exemplary team of caregivers and nurses provided to our mother, Alice Panitz. You expertly and sensitively managed support that initially was post-operative and continued through her declining health and eventual death from congestive heart failure. Not once was there a gap in your service. We never received a frantic call about failures in scheduling. You consistently provided staffing as needed.

In addition, your staff responded equally to our mother's critical needs as to and her superficial needs. Her exacting personality and nuanced health issues were met with professionalism and kindness at all times. The result was that she adored her caregivers and got great comfort from their presence as well as their care.

It is of great solace to my brother and me that our mother received such outstanding care in the last years of her life. To know that her every need was met, that she was treated with dignity and that she truly enjoyed her time with you and the other professionals makes up for the hardships of her illness, the emotional strain of the uncertainty of her health, and the inevitable loneliness of her situation.

We would recommend you, your agency and your staff wholeheartedly and without reservation to anyone that asks. Your medical record keeping was praised by the GBMC Hospice and your bookkeeping was thorough and correct. Flexibility was also an important issue as the caregivers had to adjust to the guidelines put in place by the GBMC Hospice at the end. Finally in addition to being individuals of great skills and integrity, you and your staff are the most compassionate and kindest people. It was clear at our mother's death that our loss was your loss as well.

Arlene, thank you for your outstanding service and personal attention. I would be happy to talk to anyone interested in following up this letter. It would be the least I could do after all that you did for our mother. You made her very happy and maintained a quality of healthcare that was flawless.

With deep gratitude,
Claudia Ladensohn