In the previous generation, children often lived close to their parents and could watch over
them. Today our parents are living longer and their children are often living too far away
to manage their parents' care or are unable to take charge because of their own careers.
Arlene is sensitive the guilt and frustration of children in this situation and knows that you
are not alone and is there on your behalf. The children are known as the Sandwich
Generation. Here are some of their stories:

When your loved one is in a different world

My sister and I would like to thank you for the wonderful caregivers that were with my mother, Esther Goldstein while she was a patient at Sinai/Levindale. All of them were kind, gentle healthcare providers, who performed a vital function in our mother's daily needs. She came to depend on a familiar face in a world that made no sense to her . . . We were s lucky to have had you recommended to us . . . Thank you for enabling us to have some peace of mind by providing us with all those wonderful compassionate companions.

Sherly Cohen
Linda Levinson